Small Dreams Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on honoring the life of Brittney Fox Watts by partnering with organizations to educate and inspire individuals and communities to live sustainably.


We truly believe if there is a little of Brittney in all of us, this world will be a happier, healthier place.

Small Dreams seeks to celebrate the way Brittney lived her life and continue her passion for making this a better planet by supporting organizations who promote:

  • Conservation
  • Supporting Local
  • Minimizing your Footprint

Our Story

In her blog, which she titled Small Dreams, Brittney described herself as a dabbler and rightfully so. She was a traveler of the world who was always exploring something new. From DIY furniture remodels and decorating to photography classes to cooking and joining the local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) to wine and beer tasting, she was always searching to learn something new and exciting. As an adamant recycler, Brittney based many of her hobbies around sustainable practices. She was a strong supporter of local businesses, eco-friendly practices, and an advocate for organic, locally farm raised food sources.

While we continue to mourn our loss, we also continue to realize just how much we learned from Brittney and how she will always touch our lives. We hope to inspire others by supporting and promoting the ideals and values that shaped Brittney’s life. Brittney Fox Watts was a special person in this world who touched so many lives, and we will do our best work to keep her free spirit and beautiful soul alive by honoring her small dreams with great love.

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